‘Choose Joy, Eat Vegan’ by Sharon Gannon in Mantra Magazine #5

 Sharon Gannon in Mantra Magazine Issue #5 Sharon Gannon in Mantra Magazine Issue #5

The Yoga world is all abuzz about the upcoming release of Simple Recipes for Joy! The new and ultra-hip Mantra Magazine Just released a 4-page spread featuring an article by Sharon Gannon titled Choose Joy, Eat Vegan in their fifth issue, which features Jason Mraz and Sinead O’Connor on the covers.

Sharon Gannon packs a lot of wisdom into the 4 page spread (pgs 30-33), which features beautiful photographs by Guzman of Sharon at the Jivamuktea Café located in the Jivamukti Yoga School in NYC, and at Sharon Gannon & David Life’s beautiful Jivamukti Wild Woodstock Forest Sanctuary.

“In the Yoga tradition, there is the practice of offering your food to God. Once offered, it becomes prasad, blessed food. Food offered to God should only be of the highest quality. It should be food that did not contribute to suffering. For me, this obviously means vegan. Eating prasad changes the actual cells and tissues of your body, resulting in a refined, lighter, joyful, more spiritual body.” —Sharon Gannon, Mantra Magazine #5

“The best way to uplift your own life is tho do all you can to uplift the lives of others. If we ourselves want to be happy and free, then by enslaving and harming animals, we will not be able to achieve our goal. What we do to others will come back to us. You can’t expect to be happy by causing unhappiness to others. When we have a choice, it is always best to choose kindness. Veganism is simply the kinder choice.” —Sharon Gannon, Mantra Magazine #5

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